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Captioning Variable Costs

Click for labor cost detail Click for maintenance cost details Click for stock cost details Closed captioning variable cost ledger suggests $3,571 direct labor, $100 Maintenance, and $60 stock cost for captioning 20 hours of video per year

Captioning with AutoCaption effectively controls variable costs:

  • by reducing personnel turnover and re-training costs - yes really.  See below.
  • by maintaining caption quality.
  • by making the caption process smoother and faster.
  • with excellent technical support.


Lower Turnover costs

A major part of your labor cost is for the time and judgment necessary to break a continuous transcript into individual captions.  With AutoCaption the enterprise develops a set of rules which will largely automate the task.  Once developed, these rules help insulate the enterprise from disruptions caused by turnover and re-training.

AutoCaption also has an extensive, well illustrated set of on-line help screens and new user prompts (which can be turned off) to guide and educate new employees.


Quality Control Cuts Re-Dos & Builds Goodwill

Built-in spell checking, macros, graphic reading rate display, on-screen previewing and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) worksheet captions clearly show what's going on and help eliminate captioning errors.

That means you can identify and fix problems before the client finds them.  Always a good thing.

AutoCaption also supports client or job specific captioning rules.  Tailor made rules help ensure client satisfaction.


AutoCaption's Quick, Smooth Process Increases Productivity

AutoCaption follows familiar Microsoft Windows® conventions.

Our unique proffer system, however, takes a page from the practice of management by exception.  AutoCaption proposes captions for the operator to accept or modify instead of requiring that the operator micro-manage by handling each and every character or word.

Our AutoCaption Tool Kit lets the operator schedule caption appearances in entire blocks of time rather than individually.  That means you save time and become more profitable.


Excellent Technical Support

Image Logic uses the actual hands-on engineers and program designers for your technical support.   Your people won't waste their time and your money shuffling through tiers of first, second, and third level support, or waiting for a sparsely trained technician to parrot the manual.

You'll get the good stuff, the right stuff, first time.  More...


Financial Considerations

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    Variable Cost Detail:    Labor  •  Maintenance  •  Stock

    Payback Period

    Make vs. Buy

    Cost/ROI Assumptions

Important Legal Notice:  Information herein is based on generalizations, estimates, and educated guesses.  Your actual experience may vary, so it is important to perform and rely on your own management analysis.

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