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Fixed Cost Considerations

When you caption with AutoCaption you get the benefit of a short payback period
More about the payback period...

Here's a table showing the minimum capital investment required for a captioning system:

The system is not a kit. Click to find out how complete it is Click for the technical stuff including using laptops Click for limitations of external time code readers Ledger suggest $9,250 to $14,430 investment for a $8,000 AutoCaption system, a computer, and a video source

It's a good business practice to give the client an approval copy of the video before going to the expense of making a captioned master.

Here are the capital items necessary to screen your work and to make an approval copy:

Links to encoder/inserter/decoder manufacturers Ledger suggests $780 to $1,650 for an open caption inserter plus a consumer TV and recorder would aid productivity

In our break-even calculations we assumed these productivity aids were purchased to bring the total investment to $10,930.

Capital expenditures have to be planned carefully if you intend to actually insert captions in-house rather than letting the client or a local post production house do it with their inserter and our free DynaCaptionTM Windows® software.

We'll assume you have the video playback and recording equipment along with all the paraphernalia and expertise to maintain it. 

The tricky part is to get the caption inserter best suited to your particular video stream, but increasingly popular DVDs do not need an inserter.  Here are some general numbers, but we strongly urge you to contact inserter manufacturers for exact prices:

Click for details on caption inserter/encoders Ledger suggests $6,000 and more is needed for a full complement of caption encoders

More good news:  AutoCaption will work with most reputable caption inserters.


Financial Considerations

    Variable Costs:    Labor  •  Maintenance  •  Stock

    Payback Period

    Make vs. Buy

    Cost/ROI Assumptions

Important Legal Notice:  Information herein is based on generalizations, estimates, and educated guesses.  Your actual experience may vary, so it is important to perform and rely on your own management analysis.

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