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RossNorpak -- A Canadian firm with a long tradition of making closed captioning and VBI inserter/decoder hardware.  A solid electronics company, in our opinion, that was acquired in 2010 by Ross.  We recommend their analog and digital hardware!

Ultech -- Drake Smith designed and built impressive close caption and subtitling hardware for more than ten years before Ultech became a subsidiary of The National Captioning Institute in 2002.

EEG -- They made the first closed captioning hardware in the 1970s.  They are very cautious about responding to e-mail.  If support is not critical, we recommend their older analog designs as rugged and reliable.

Evertz -- A Canadian firm that makes all sorts of gadgets is a comparative newcomer to closed captioning hardware.  Because their products are evolving, we suggest carefully checking compatibility with the core protocols common to Norpak, Ultech, EEG, SoftTouch and Link.

SoftTouch -- Only AutoCaption DOS supports their computer card encoders in the bus mode.

Link Electronics -- A low cost AV equipment manufacturer located in Missouri, USA.  We recommend some of their older analog models.


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