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Maintenance Cost Assumptions

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Financial Considerations

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USD $5 per Hour of  Video Captioned

  • 6 hours of VHS/SVHS head wear per hour captioned.
  • Head replacement/overhaul/realignment cost of US$980 after 2400 hours works out to $2.45 for 6 hours of use (6 hrs x $980 / 2400 hr life).
    Note: A consumer record deck is considered disposable after 2400 hrs use.
  • Head & rubber cleaning every 200 hours takes 1 hour for two decks and costs $85.  This works out to $2.55 for 6 hours of use (6 hrs x $85 / 200 hrs between cleanings).

Important Legal Notice:  Information herein is based on generalizations, estimates, and educated guesses.  Your actual experience may vary, so it is important to perform and rely on your own management analysis.

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