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Closed Captioning Labor Costs

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Job Description

First, as always, putting the right person in the right job is key to success and profitability.

A captioner must be able to:

  • Spot grammatical and spelling errors in a transcript
  • Exercise common sense when positioning captions on the video image and not obscure important visual information
  • Type and transcribe if necessary

The ideal captioner should also be able to condense or paraphrase portions of a transcript. 

And with 32 channels of captioning on DVDs, don't overlook the business opportunity of a hiring a multilingual captioner.

Employee Wage

In light of these qualifications, and based on our professional sources, a the"take home" wage for a journeyman captioner is about US$30,000 per year with some benefits

Assuming a 30% loading for benefits and employer contributions the weighted annual cost is $42,857.

1,440 Productive Hours Per Year

  • 2 weeks of sick leave annually.
  • 30 hour effective work week
  • 2 weeks of vacation annually.
  • 48 weeks x 30 hr/wk = 1,440 productive hours per year.

$29.76 Hourly Labor Cost

$42,857 weighted annual labor cost ÷ 1440 productive hours per year = $29.76 labor cost per captioning hour

Important Legal Notice:  Information herein is based on generalizations, estimates, and educated guesses.  Your actual experience may vary, so it is important to perform and rely on your own management analysis.

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