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A "proffer" is AutoCaption's suggestion for the next line in your caption.

It's the key to efficiently breaking a transcript into captions.

Each "proffer" is based on your rules, so the odds are you'll click only once to accept each new line. 

As your rules become more fine-tuned, and as you see what AutoCaption can do for you, you'll probably have AutoCaption automatically generate your captions.

And if you need to edit a proffer or caption, that's simple too.  All it takes is a single click or key combination to move a single word or a whole line.

When you have to make 600 captions in a half hour of entertainment video it's a lot faster to approve "proffers" than to keep mousing around to pick every single word in every single line in every single caption.  Whew!

That's just too much work.  Our way is better.


More details follow

The term "proffer" comes from the courtroom.  A "proffer" is when an attorney offers evidence which the judge has yet to accept or reject as formal evidence.

When using AutoCaption you become the judge and stop wasting your time on clerical tasks.


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