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Break Transcript Up Into Captions

Transcript being divided up into captions

The second step

When preparing any sort of captioning the second step is to break the transcript into individual captions.

This can be an incredibly tedious, mind-numbing, what-would-I-rather-be-doing-for-a-living kind of task, considering that a half an hour entertainment video may need more than 600 individual captions.

We know that.  So we spent a lot of time and effort designing the breakup tools in AutoCaption to save you time - and sanity.

We designed AutoCaption to figure out how much of the transcript will fit in the next caption line.  Then it checks the captioning rules your create to be sure that the line makes sense.

Then AutoCaption proffers the line.  Instead of picking and choosing every single word, you simply click once to approve or trim the line.

You can even have AutoCaption build all your captions for you - automatically, in seconds.

Then all you have to do is approve the recommended caption, or use a key combination to move words or lines between captions.  It makes an otherwise painful process much faster and smoother.


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