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The third step

The third step is to decide when and where captions will appear on the screen - scheduling the captions.

When you choose an "in" point - when the the caption is to appear - AutoCaption grabs time code from the video source with just a keystroke or mouse click.

It even has special tools so you can schedule entire blocks of captions with just the starting and ending time codes.  There's a real time saver.

AutoCaption can also detect when cut edits occur or when the speaker utters the first sound.  These points are the perfect time for your caption to appear.

AutoCaption finds them for you automatically, so you don't have to waste time shuttling back and forth to synchronize your caption "in" point with an edit or with a speaker.

So how much time could you save if you didn't have to reach for the shuttle knob 600 times in every half-hour show?

Many captioners also position the captions in the video image during this step.  Positioning - top, bottom, left, right - is a lot easier in AutoCaption because all your captions are displayed in the worksheet just as they'll be seen in the finished video.

All this information is stored in a file with an "ACW" extent that can be used for any kind of captioning AutoCaption supports.


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