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Your Rules Break Transcripts Into Captions

Breaking a transcript into captions manually is a tedious, time-consuming job that requires some operator skill. 

With AutoCaption, you make rules that institutionalize the skills and let the computer do the drudgery.

   Some rules are obvious.  Like "end this caption and start a new one when you see a period."
   Some rules are more subtle.  Like "don't end a caption with a preposition like 'the'."
   Some rules are best when they're conditional.  Like "start a new line or caption after a comma only if the comma occurs close the right margin."
   All rules have exceptions.  Like "don't end a caption with 'Dr.', 'Ms.'or 'Rev.'."

You set the rules according to your personal style, or to a client's preference.  Either way, AutoCaption will recognize and implement those rules. 

You save time and become more profitable.

And you can make different sets of rules for different clients or different subject matter.

Since the different sets of rules can be saved, you can switch back and forth among them any time you want.

Profitability Rules...

Initially you'll want to use the proffer system to break transcripts into captions.  It applies your rules and asks you to approve or change each line selected for a caption.  It doesn't take long to improve and expand your rules until you rarely have to change a proffer.

Then you're ready to use the fully automatic breakup.  In seconds an entire transcript is converted into captions.

Your rules act as a watchdog over style and quality. 

They insulate you from the ill effects of employee turnover and reduce training costs. 

New employees become productive faster when transcripts automatically break up into captions consistent with the style your clients demand. 

Employees may come and go, but work quality will not suffer once you build your set of rules.


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