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  Graphic Reading Rates

closed captioning worksheet showing graph of each caption's reading rate in words per minute

Good captions are easy to read

Quality captions are tailored to the target audience. They never ask the viewer to read faster than humanly possible.

With AutoCaptionTM you can quickly spot reading rate problems.  Being able to adjust so well to your audience will make your work standout as more readable and more effective.

Some big caption companies argue that every word must be captioned as it is spoken - no matter how fast and no matter how uneven it appears.

Forgive us if we disagree.  The idea is to communicate clearly to the audience, yes?

Some call the "every word as spoken" rule "verbatim captioning".


But maybe - just maybe - the captions show up that way because their systems don't have graphic reading rate displays, so they don't know how fast someone will have to read?

A question for philosophers, perhaps.

But why make excuses when you can deliver a product that people can actually read - with AutoCaption?

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