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Simply stated, DynaCaption TM is a snazzy little piece of programming which helps an encoder make your AutoCaption worksheet into captions on the final video.

Anyone anywhere can use it to make caption sub-masters, add captions to the source video while duplicating, and even add captions while going to air.

Some companies charge up to US$2,000 a copy for a package that requires special hardware try to do the same thing.  But DynaCaption's free!

Why is it free?

Reason 1:  It's supposed to be free.

We said AutoCaption is a complete captioning package, didn't we?  Well, from our perspective it wouldn't be complete unless you had the software and time code reader to get your files into the final video.

Reason 2:  If you're a post-house, we want you to have quality captions from captioners using AutoCaption -- and we want you to stay in control of video quality.  We don't think you should have to pay extra to avoid having your video mangled.

Reason 3:  No other system handles as many kinds of captioning and different formats as AutoCaption. 

The file formats used elsewhere are either ancient or single purpose and cannot accommodate all that AutoCaption does.  Ironically, we're not aware that any format designers thought to include a way to make sure that the file didn't get mangled on its way through the Internet. 

We thought it through. AutoCaption's DCAP files do transmit seamlessly over the Internet!

Reason 4:  If you're a captioner, we want your end-client or post house to be able to work with your AutoCaption files - and we don't think you should have to pay extra for that privilege.

So if they don't already have DynaCaption, you can give it to them.

We give it to you for for free.


The end result is that anyone, anywhere can add your captions to their video -- Free!

AutoCaption makes CAP files which can be encoded anywhere in the universe - well, at least on the planet, if they have Internet - using our free DynaCaptionTM software.

Other than the encoder electronics, there's no special hardware required -- not even a time code reader.

Your clients can even encode your captioning schedule using a laptop!


More detailed information follows

Nearly every computer and Windows® operating system is suitable for DynaCaption.  More...

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