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AutoCaption is built as a complete system so all the pieces work together.

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Here's a list of operating systems compatible with AutoCaption or with our DynaCaption TM captioning software.



  • Windows
  • Windows Vista®
  • Windows XP® with DirectX® 9
  • Windows2000® with at least service pack 2 and DirectX® 9


  • Windows
  • Windows Vista®
  • Windows XP®
  • Windows 2000®

Most of us are engineers, so we really like the Macintosh computers and regularly use UNIX and Linux operating systems.  But many of the sophisticated features in AutoCaption are tailored to the Intel® CPU and Windows® operating systems.

Recompiling AutoCaption for other platforms and operating systems seems like a simple and cheap solution.  But being engineers, we are concerned about sluggish performance and compiler induced bugs causing expensive support and maintenance headaches.

So we've resolved to concentrate on keeping AutoCaption the kick-butt captioning system others try to imitate.


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