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AutoCaption3 can find the scene you're looking for in literally ta split second -
even on compressed video.

Just about anyone can reposition video fairly quickly on uncompressed video.  But those speedy seek times result in incredibly huge gigabyte video files.  Moby Video.

AutoCaption's proprietary seek protocol guarantees virtually immediate access to the last few minutes of video - even on compressed video.

So what's that mean to you in English?

It means AutoCaption3 can save you lots of valuable time reformatting client video - not to mention precious storage space on your computer system.

Digitize on us - FREE

AutoCaption3 includes a digitizing card, so you can digitize from an ordinary home VCR.  If you already have a video capture card, the odds are AutoCaption will work with it just fine.

AutoCaption includes VideoPrep™ our VideoPrep tool which allows you to digitize video in the background - without tieing up the rest of the program.   And you can use VideoPrep to convert many unusable media files that don't allow seeking (shuttling) into ones that do.

AutoCaption's VideoPrep digitizes continuous SMPTE time code, and PAL too!

Feel free to shuttle

AutoCaption shuttles to quickly identify speakers, locate scenes or when audio starts and stops.

You've got control choices to:  keystrokes, mouse or slider.  And let me tell you from experience, changing the way you shuttle from time to time is a great way to avoid repetitive stress.


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