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Step 4 -- Saving The Download

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If you chose the Save option in Step 3, your Internet browser will quite logically ask where you want to put it.  Skip this step if you didn't choose the Save option.  Skip to step 5.

For the rest of us, this is what my Microsoft Internet ExplorerTM looks like under Windows 2000® at this stage:

Screen Capture of Internet Explorer's download save screen

Save lets the downloading process continue. 

File name shows the name by which the software package will be stored.  In this example we're storing the DynaCaptionTM help system as DynaCaption.chm in the DynaCaption subdirectory.

Cancel or Quit lets you stop right now without downloading.

Every Internet browser will ask the Open/Save question.  But the screen displays on Opera, NetscapeTM or even different versions of Internet ExplorerTM will look different.

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Important Legal Notice:  By downloading any of the above software you agree that Image Logic® Corporation is in no way liable for the performance or uses to which the software is put.  You further agree to not use this software to reverse engineer, duplicate, or model software from.

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